miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Carcassonne: Scoring track (II)

Continuation of  Carcassonne: Scoring track (I)

This is the second of three parts on the study of the Scoring track of the original Carcassonne. In the first part we have analyzed the different boxes size and its influence on the separation between the followers. Today we focus on something quite different: his back.

It's a drawing in black and white (*) formed with some of the tiles from the game. Surely once you've entertained trying to reproduce the image by assembling this puzzle. Have you ever tried it? We do not believe that you have succeeded even if the fault is not yours!

The first difficulty is that the drawings on the back of the marker and on the tiles do not have the same scale and that's because ther is not possible to place tiles on the back of the marker as well, coloring square to square, the entire picture.

The second difficulty is less important. Tiles of the four sides are not completed on the reverse side which, on occasions, makes the right choice of the necessary piece of territory.

This is how it should be after getting placed all the tiles in place. The image we show is manipulated so that the size of each of the elements (closter, cities,...) is the same as on the back. We have taken care of all the details; even the sheep!

An additional graphic manipulation allows us to play the reverse drawing, cutting four sides tiles properly.

However, the biggest impediment that exists to assemble this puzzle cannot be solved with tiles from a single game Carcassonne. The drawing includes four pieces of territory like the one located just below the closter with road and the basic Carcassonne only includes three of these tiles.

Finally, we propose a challenge. There are two differences between our reproduction and Scoring Track reverse:

- we have employed a tile that is not exactly the corect
- in the original design of the back of the Scoring track a tile that does not exist was used

Can you solve it?

Carcassonne, Starting tile

(*) In the Carcassonne Winter Edition the Scoring track reverse is in color, not black and white.