lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2013

Porte de l'Aude

We all perfectly know the drawing of our favorite game box. If a few days ago we showed the origin of the drawing that appears on the side today we bring you the origin of the cover.

Cover of the second release Carcassonne box 

It's an illustration based on the view that exists from the cross of stone next to the Tour du Petit Canizou, at the outer wall.

Cross next to the Tour du Petit Canizou

Interestingly this cross also appears in the drawing that occupies one side of the box but hardly distinguished. Remember that this drawing is inverted with respect to reality.

Detail of the cross in the box side drawing

The view of the door for Aude is without a doubt one of the favourite images from the Cité de Carcassonne along with the panoramic view from the old bridge and any other detail of the city. At sunset the rock walls acquired a pretty colour.

Carcassonne. Porte de l'Aude

As it could not be otherwise we would like to make a photo to the meeple emblem of our blog...

Our meeple at Porte de l'Aude

...and also perform a picture full of color with our four favorite follower. One of the ways that we like most is to play four players, ust four and the blue, green, red and yellow followers give much color. This is the image that we share with you on the occasion of the first 72 articles of our blog "Carcassonne, starting tile".

The followers give color to Carcassonne

The image of the cover does not correspond with a single view. The point from which you can see the two leads as listed in the box does not show the rest of the wall and Castle as reflected in the illustration. In particular, the Tower of Justice would be semi-covert.

However, using several of the images that we have taken in the vicinity of the door for Aude, we have prepared a composition that fits perfectly with the illustration of the box.

Cover of the box and photo montage

If you look good you will find some differences between the real city and the illustration. In a next post to our blog we will introduce you the new box of Carcassonne and will harness to see if these differences have been corrected.

Photo montage corresponding to the Carcassonne box

Carcassonne, Starting Tile (Carcassonne, Pieza de Inicio)

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