sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

Boardgamegeek TV Essen 2013 - Carcassonne South Seas

There is no doubt that Boardgamegeek is the most important website in the world on board games. Since its inception in the year 2000 is the best channel of information for anyone interested. It has more about 55.000 sheets of each game perfectly specified.

Boardgamegeektv is guilty of one of its most important actions. During the fair in Essen 2013, with nine hours of continuous and direct emission, emit for all countries presentations of the innovations that are presented during the fair. Sometimes the presentations run by members of the distributors and in some cases even of the authors themselves.

Using the format of interview a member of the team of Boardgamegeek chats with the author or distributor of the game. Components are shown, the board is mounted, the development of a game is indicated...

Then the videos are edited and are hung on the Internet so that everyone can see them.

The work performed by the team of Boardgamegeek is admirable, and it is a fantastic opportunity for any lover of Board Games. For those who do not attend Essen 2013 it is almost like being there, and for those who have been able to travel to Germany is an incredible opportunity to be able to review games. For one person it is almost impossible to know all the games during the days of the fair Essen 2013!

The publisher Hans Im Glück presented Carcassonne Südsee. On this occasion, the responsibility fell on Moritz Brunnhöfer who was interviewed by the norwegian Katherine Rosland.

Unfortunately most of the time of the presentation of the german publisher was devoted to great novelty of this year, Russian Railroads, and the new game by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede might be treated not in depth. Not with the depth that we would have liked us!

However we could learn about the basics of the new game. There are many changes respect to the traditional Carcassonne.

They were also responsible for presentation of Carcassonne Winter Edition presented during the fair Essen 2012. The video lasts just 2 minutes but is very interesting.

This year the deployment of Boardgamegeek has been spectacular. They have used several different cameras that allow us to analyze the game from different points of view. The effort to choose the most appropriate camera at every moment of the live broadcast is a very important production work. Remember: 9 hours live every day!

We are expectantly waiting for the publication of the video of Essen 2013. Once it is hung you will warned so that you can see it a thousand times!! Only we have to thank once again the team of Boardgamegeek fot the huge effort they make. Great work!

Carcassonne, Starting Tile

Images appear courtesy of Boardgamegeek.